BOOK IT! Reading Passport & Stickers 2015–2016

Pizza Hut's BOOK IT! Program is a free reading incentive program for PreK-6th grade classrooms, parents and homeschool families. Created by a former Pizza Hut president who was searching for a way to motivate his child to read. In 1984, Pizza Hut officially adopted literacy as its corporate cause and established the BOOK IT! National Reading Development Program under the guidance of an advisory council. In 1989, Pizza Hut and the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress created National Young Readers Day to highlight the importance of reading.
Schools across the nation and millions of children participate in the six-month program each school year. This reading program often works with authors and it reaches over 14 million students in 38,000 US elementary schools annually with print & digital content promoting literacy goals, and measurable classroom reading targets.
My role is to create the overall design for a package that includes: Reading Passport/Reading Journal for kids, Teacher's Guide, Certificates. Poster, Envelope and Enrolment Flyer since 2015.
BOOK IT! Program 2015–2016

BOOK IT! Poster & Bookmark 2015–2016

BOOK IT! Program 2017–2018

BOOK IT! Envelope, Teacher's Guide & Certificates 2017–2018

BOOK IT! Program 2019–2020

BOOK IT! Poster 2019–2020

BOOK IT! Teacher's Guide Inside Spread 2019–2020